Adam and I are dreamers. From the very beginning of our relationship we have dreamed wild, crazy dreams together. They normally begin with some injustice we see in the world and end with heaven, the place of supreme justice and righteous, coming to earth…or Jesus coming back Himself. We dream outside the box, beyond our capabilities, terrifying dreams. They’re so outside of the box that we’ve rarely heard of other people doing what we’re talking about. We dream so far beyond our abilities that our dependence on our Provider and Wonderful Counselor has become an intrinsic part of our lives. And how terrifying our dreams are! They are “will-he-actually-ask-me-to-marry-him” terrifying. “Do-I-have-what-it-takes-to-land-my-dream-job” terrifying.

Dreaming requires you release your grip on reality (Which, can we all just admit, is incredibly boring anyway!?). It’s believing in fairy tales again. It’s asking questions that only kids think of – like why does the moon look orangey-reddish sometimes?* It’s actually thinking that the world could be a better place if I changed a few small things about my life from time to time. Dreaming is what we were made to do…that’s why we love it so much!

We hope to fill this blog with our dreams. Our lives aren’t thrilling most days. They’re typically filled with Adam chasing six year olds around a classroom trying to get them still enough for long enough to teach them how to read, write and add. I [Emily] spend countless hours by the sink cleaning dishes from my latest Pinterest concoction and emailing the world to keep our lives, and the lives of the discipleship training school I administrate for, running. There are moments, though, that take my breath away. Like that time I found a documentary on Netflix called “Half the Sky” which portrays the oppression of women and children around the world which led to reading the book it was based on which then led to finding numerous organizations who are already making an impact in the world. Or that date when Adam and I had a fight but made up by standing at the top of a parking lot talking about what heaven is going to be like. And my favorite of all was that moment, which Adam and I refer to as the “Chipotle Conversation”, when we jumped, rather blindly, into a lifelong commitment to help alleviate poverty through education. That dreaming moment was the beginning of them all…

*You’ve got to watch “The Kid” sometime if you don’t know where this quote came from!

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  1. Cristie says:

    Awesome!! Y’all are amazing!

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