The One Book I Am Dying For You to Read


If there is one book I am dying for you to read, regardless of who you are, it’s this one. If you are someone in my family, someone I’ve never met, a Christian, an Atheist, a Hindu, someone who is passionate about making the world a better place, someone who could care less about all that hippy mumbo-jumbo, or anyone else… I want you to read Too Small to Ignore, by Dr. Wess Stafford. Here’s why:

1. Who wrote it. Dr. Wess Stafford (CEO of Compassion International) is one of those guys who you just can’t help but admire and respect. Reading his book, you find yourself wanting to follow and emulate him. He shares countless stories as his days growing up as a missionary kid. He forged intimate friendships with the other children of his small African village. He became a master at the art of picking off baboons with a slingshot. He got into trouble with the village chief. He traveled to other villages with his father and build wells while preaching the Gospel. In short, he was the proverbial child raised by a village. And yet he lived a dual life. As a Westerner, he had certain obligations which drew him away from village life and into a very different place where he experienced dark tragedy (I’ll let you read it to find out yourself). But reading about the way Wess responded to the ups and lows in such pure ways, without a shred of self-promotion or self-deprecation, is more compelling than many autobiographies you will read this year.

2. What it does. Simply put, it makes you believe in kids. But more than that, it makes you believe in believing in kids. It casts life-changing vision for who kids are, what they’re capable of, and what God thinks about them. It demonstrates a vision that kids are our future—yes—but they are also our present. They are capable of impacting the world around them now, and many times they do so better than most adults. It chronicles the faith, simplicity, and passion children have and how they have far surpassed adults in many ways. Consider this: picture in your head King David, the prophet Samuel, Mary the mother of Jesus, Miriam, Namaan’s servant, Isaac, and Joseph. Did you picture adults? Because the bulk of the world-changing things these Biblical heroes did were done when they were children. There is not only a Biblical mandate to serve kids, but to value them too.

3.Why it does it. This book is important… In the grand scope of things, children are the most oppressed people group on the planet, and yet they are the only people group of whom the Bible speaks only positively. They represent the majority of whatever you want to do with your life. If you want to move to another country to plant churches and see a people-group saved, do you realize that at least 50% of that group will be children? If you want to fight poverty, do you realize that even more than 50% of them will be kids? If you want to fight some great injustice, do you realize that virtually all injustices around the world are happening exclusively to woman and children? (Okay, technically there are some exceptions, but they are rare!) If you just want to stay at you job and raise a family, do you realize how much more your life will be about your kids than anything else? Children are the strategic henge of making the world a better place. Even though they have been left out and abused, they are far more significant than we could ever imagine. They are profoundly powerful, yet profoundly vulnerable. They are too small to ignore.

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