Help Us Bring Girl Rising to Waco

There is a global crisis that is effecting every layer of society, though you may not realize it. It is claiming countless lives, causing economies to crumble, spawning hot-beds of terrorism and life-claiming diseases… The crisis? Woman and children.

Or a lack of them, to be specific. We all know that this world has many far-reaching corners of darkness. Shady corners where poverty and injustice ruin so many lives. Yet it is woman and children who suffer the most. But the point here isn’t to mourn in hopelessness… There is great hope! Statistics have shown that when young girls are allowed to go to school, they are capable of lifting themselves, their families, and even their entire communities out of poverty!

Girl Rising is a documentary that highlights the life-giving effects of girls’ education around the globe, and YOU can help us bring it to Waco! All you have to do is go to the link below and pledge to buy one $10 movie ticket. If we reach 100 movie tickets, the movie will be shown in Waco on Monday, March 11 at 7:30PM. Cool, huh? Let’s all come together and learn how we can make a difference. Click here!

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