The Ambergs’ Big Huge Life Changing Announcement!



We’re currently in the application process of enrolling in Antioch Church Planting School, a training program for missionaries sent out by an organization called Antioch Ministries International. Going overseas to serve Jesus has always been something that we’ve dreamed about. We even talked about it while we were dating! So, although it will be hard to say goodbye to our friends and family and country, it will still be sweet.

We will be leading a group from our church on a two week trip to Bangalore, India this June which will also serve as an exploratory trip for us. We will begin the Church Planting School in August and our goal is to be on the ground in Bangalore in June of 2014.

“Wait, who is that other girl in the picture with you!?”
Great question! That’s Rachel Lossing. Rachel is our first official team member! She brings a lot of passion for Jesus as well as her expertise as a nurse. We’re so thankful to have her!

We hope to open overtly Christian primary schools for children living in poverty. We want to see a generation of slum kids grow up and know Jesus as their savior, while at the same time getting the practical education and life skills they need to escape poverty. But more on that later. We hope that you will check back often because we want to use this blog as a medium to update friends and family about this wild, crazy adventure of ours…

Until then… Peace, Love, and Curry!
The Ambergs

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Penny Plunk says:

    Sweet!!!!! I remember Emily talking about this years ago. What a wonderful dream that is now coming true. Your Mama is going to get to practice flying again. Love you and I am so excited for you!!! Penny

  2. Cristie says:

    I was guessing either India or a baby!! WooHOo!!! So excited for you’uns! P.S. John’s on his way to Bangalore RIGHT NOW!

  3. Brian says:

    Oh snap! So excited for you guys! Can’t wait to hear more as the details develop.

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