a little more than A Year Later

I [Emily] have felt really reflective lately. Maybe it’s because we’re talking about moving to the other side of the ocean in a little over a year. Maybe it’s because I’m just enough removed from our first year of marriage to be able to look back. Most likely it’s a combination of the two and much more.

This post is dedicated to one of the most beautiful years of my life thus far – mine and Adam’s first year of marriage. Some back story would be nice first…

It all began here…in Haiti. Well, technically we started liking each other during Antioch Discipleship School but we couldn’t date during the school. Then they sent us to a tiny island and let us plant a church together. Adam made the heat, nasty Cliff bars and dirtiness of that country so much more bearable and worth it for me!

1 months
And then we were finally able to date! This is after we had been dating for 1 month.

flowers (5 months)
He quickly learned my favorite flowers. While I was gone on a fall outreach with the discipleship school, he had a friend send this bouquet to my hotel. I was one giddy girl!

9 months into dating he asked me to marry him. Outside of our wedding day, that beautiful day in March is my favorite day of my life! His proposal was creative, intimate, beautifully orchestrated and so us!

He picked the most perfect ring!


My side and Adam’s side of the family.

wedding 1
After waiting 8 long months (In perspective it wasn’t that long, but it felt long at the time!), our beautiful wedding day arrived. It couldn’t have been more perfect! Our family and friends all gathered in Cameron Park to celebrate us joining our lives together. The weather was perfect. I had a good hair day (and eyelash day as my makeup lady said). Our flowers were perfect. But more than any of the details – Adam and I were on cloud nine knowing that the wait of becoming one was over!

wedding 2 wedding 3

sweet boy married

Then began the most wonderful year of my life (thus far…)

We honeymooned in Vancouver away from the Texas heat! This picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day in a beautiful park!

We met…and said goodbye…to some lifelong friends – the Zurchers!

my birthday
We celebrated my birthday in the most colorful ways we could think of. I highly recommend throwing paint at your friends!!

Adam graduated from Baylor with his Masters in Education. I couldn’t have been more proud of him that day! Strickland Scholars was a hard program and Adam was so faithful in everything they asked of him!!

one year
One year later…here we are. Happier than we could have ever imagined. Trusting Jesus as we step into a new season of preparing to move to India. Our marriage has blessed me more than any other life experience I’ve ever faced. I am a more confident woman because I have a man who consistently encourages and speaks truth to me. I’ve had nasty habits brought to the surface and taken out of my life (still in process) because they’re just not ok to continue when you live with your sweet husband. And how I’ve loved making a home for the two of us!

Thanks for walking with me down memory lane. I pray you each experience the sweetness and refreshment of being known by someone today!

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