From My View

I [Emily] realized the other day that I look at a bunch of ordinary things all day long. But if you were to take all these views away from me, it would be like taking my life away from me. I’m not trying to sound dramatic. My point is that all these simple places I sit, stand, drive to and look at throughout the day make up a full and rich life that I deeply enjoy. It was only once I started taking pictures of these views that I began to see how lovely they really were.

*I feel like it’s also important to say that when I first started taking these pictures I had high ambitions to take really creative, hip pictures with abstract angles and cool lighting. Then I realized, that’s not how I see my life everyday so why picture it that way? I did add a nice Instagram filter to them, though. 🙂

getting ready

A strange angle, but how else was I going to take a selfie while I was curling my eyelashes? I see this every morning while I’m getting ready for work. Some days I wish it didn’t feel like such a “transformation” to go from no makeup to the little I add.


This is my cube. I often say that I move mountains from this tiny work space. Let me point of some of my favorite things about this small space – there are emails on that screen from brave women who are beginning to learn how beautiful they really are, all the post it notes are from my Sissy (grandmother) who taught me to love organization, the mouse pad is from a dear friend’s mother who lives in Maryland, the pencil holder (really a mug) was painted by my husband while we were dating, one my of my favorite pictures of my handsome husband, a picture (it’s the one with that looks like a dark square) of  the Gospel being presented to a seventh grade class of girls in India last summer, the verse you can barely see says “Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been go to you.” and has been in my cube since a few days into this job, my new mason jar water bottle, the word “Ambitious” as a prayer for my heart to stay ambitious for the people I’m serving, and a picture of Lucy with Aslan…because she always finds him. Oh…and I almost forgot…the random nerf gun “bullet” in case I need to fire it at someone in the office. So much of myself in such a small space!


I have had the privilege of watching our church’s building rise from nothing from my cube. There’s more and more steel going up everyday! Every time I hear steel grinding against each other (not a lovely sound), I thank Jesus for His provision and how He dreams bigger than I’ll ever be able to imagine!

house photo 1

This is my drive home from work. That big, green building has been where Adam and I have lived (well…just one apartment in that big building) since we got married. It’s a refuge for us. And yes, I intentionally included my ring in the picture. 🙂 It’s one of my favorite things to look at while I’m driving (besides the road, of course!)

house photo 2

And when I come up the stairs, this is what greets me. A rug full of color (just a glimpse of how much color is behind that white door), a stool where our apartment mates leave us things, and a piece of art from a a dear friend showing our love for the city of Waco!

house photo 3

When I look up from my favorite spot on the couch, this is what I normally see. I feel a little vain that my TV is the focal piece of this picture, but it’s what I see. I like to sit a little crooked so I fit in the corner of the couch. It’s where I’ve always sat on couches!

house photo 4

From the same place on the couch but looking to my left this is what I see. Can you tell what that white canvas says (look “behind” the fridge”? It says, “He has always loved you.” No matter how my day is going, if I look up from my favorite spot and eye that beauty, I’m ok. All the other lies and thoughts fade away because I remember my King has always loved me.


I see this view daily! I cook for Adam and I on a daily basis…and it’s a complete joy! This dinner is what we call Fancy Grilled Cheese. Not the healthiest meal I cooked this week, but it was yummy!


And then because I cook so often I see this more often than I’d like. 🙂 Dirty dishes. I’ve wondered before if, in heaven, Jesus could tell me how much of my life I spent cleaning dishes. Guess I should start praying while I clean them because I have a feeling the number of hours is going to be quite large!


If you know me at all, you know Bush’s Chicken is a daily stop for me at some point during the hours of 2:00-5:00, their half price drinks Happy Hour! Make fun of this habit all you want, but just know it comes from a sweet childhood memory – getting cokes with my mom and brother after school just about every day and then driving around town for a bit to share about our day. I must also point out that by the grace of Jesus a coke is not purchased daily! Unsweet tea (I know…I’m from the south and should drink sweet but it’s just gross y’all!) still allows for my caffeine fix without the loads of sugar!


This is my typical (and privileged)  view of Elevate PM every Monday and Thursday evening. I’m at the sound board watching these students surrender their lives to the person and work of Jesus. It has been my honor to serve them by helping facilitate class nights that run smoothly so they can enter into an  atmosphere of worship, teaching and healing.


This might look like a strange picture, but if you go to Antioch Community Church then you probably know about where I’m sitting and who is in front of me. Over the past semester, Adam and I have found ourselves either in front of or behind Danny and Kathey Mulkey. What fun it has been to get to know them! And that’s Vincent preaching it up on the stage! I absolutely LOVE going to church every Sunday!!!!!

I could keep going but I think at some point I’m going to lose all of you. But let me leave you with this question: What simple, ordinary view do you have on a daily basis that, on further inspection, is actually quite glorious?

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