Dear India,

You have captured my heart. I always knew being on your soil would only deepen and confirm my love for these people, but you’ve outdone any passion I ever thought was possible. Your people are magnificently beautiful. Your children are full of life – even those with little hope of much of a future. The colors of India are so various and rich. It’s exactly how I would decorate the world if it was up to me! You make me laugh on a daily basis…and also bring me to a place of humble tears regularly.

I want to call you home. I want to live amongst your people. I want to see your children learn, grow, thrive and change their nation! I want to learn how to make any place I am lively and full of color. I will enjoy all the ups and downs of living in a country who is still developing.

I’m sure you’ll teach me more than I’ll ever be able to give back to you. I have very little to offer. You have everything you need to live peaceful, full, complete lives…you just don’t realize it yet. I want to show you what’s been put inside your hearts from your very first heartbeat. It’s a longing for a wonderful King whose love for you runs further back in history than any of your gods can remember. His entire plan at the beginning of time was wrapped around the idea of loving you. He stepped onto our planet when there was little hope of ever fully having relationship with Him and made a way through sacrificing Himself. He only asks for pure, singular devotion. The return of His great love, peace, joy, rest, wisdom and provision far out ways any sacrifice we will ever make. He’s waiting for you to know Him.

I will leave your beautiful country in a few short days…but I will return! I cannot wait to be welcomed into your country and live my life with you!

With great love,


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