Visiting the Church this summer

As I [Emily] was planning our wedding, my mom told me how our wedding would probably be the only time in our lives when the majority of our friends would be in the same room together until our funeral…and then we wouldn’t be there. I guess that could sound sad, but it was really exciting for me! I have been privileged with a rich history of good friends since I was a young girl. I knew not all of them would be able to make the drive to Waco but many of them did! Our wedding day was a glorious day full of laughter, tears and people whom Adam and I both love very much.

This summer Adam and I are traveling A LOT to visit most these dear friends. We get the honor of sitting with them to catch up on our lives and share about our vision to see the Kingdom come in India through education. While everyone isn’t in the same room together, it’s a lot like reliving our wedding day all over again. But it’s better this time! I actually get to sit with each person or family for an extended time and really get to talk with them. We get to hear about their joys and struggles and they graciously allow us to share about what’s burning on our hearts for India. It’s the Church…and it’s a beautiful thing.

We’ve mainly seen Adam’s friends in Houston thus far, but we’re taking pictures as we go. Documenting this journey has been my favorite idea thus far! What an astounding blessing it is to not have to walk through this life alone!


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