Your No is Her Hope

Let’s talk about porn.

Let’s talk about it because politicians, pastors, and parents don’t talk about it. They don’t talk about it because they don’t know it’s an issue. The internet wasn’t around when the Baby Boomers were young, so pornography was that dirty little secret that only a few people had. But for Millennials, pornography is a fact of life. It exists on the internet entirely free and entirely unfiltered. Many of the 30-and-under crowd first experienced porn not because they went looking for it, but because it showed up in their inbox one day. And since their parents (in all innocence) didn’t realize it was such a big issue, the subject was met with silence at home and gross detail in the parking lot at highschool. Add to this the nature of brain chemistry a human being experiences upon seeing a sexual image and you have millions of Americans finding themselves enslaved to a habit they’d rather not have and unable to escape. This has led to half of all marriages ending in divorce and a sharp increase in violence against women and children since the advent of internet porn.

But it gets worse.

The wild success of the porn industry has led to an increased demand for prostitution. Looking at a hungry market, traffickers have answered our nation’s addicted sexual appetite by kidnapping women and children from all over the world, torturing them, abusing them, addicting them to drugs, and brainwashing them in order to serve as sexual slaves in our country. The trafficking of human beings has become the second largest criminal enterprise in the world and will soon overtake drug trafficking as the number one criminal industry. There are more slaves today than ever before and porn is making it happen in the United States.

The United Kingdom recently took note of this disturbing reality and has attempted to curb it by introducing legislation that requires internet service providers to block all pornographic websites by default. It is still available for those who want it if they are willing to call their internet service provider and request the block be removed. This is no different from the days of the Baby Boomers when the only way to get pornography was to go to the store and purchase it. In those days slavery, divorce, and sexual assaults were not the epidemic that they are today.

So let’s turn back the clock.

You can sign a petition below to request that the government introduce similar legislation. This is a petition introduced by ordinary people, not a political party. There is no political upperhand to be gained for anyone by introducing this legislation. There is only the lives of men, women, and children to be healed and for very many of them, quite literally saved. Please sign this petition and spread the word. Forward it via email, post it to facebook, tweet it, tell your friends about it. Let’s end slavery in the 21st century by cutting the demand.

Sign it here:

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