It’s Like Watching Grass Grow

Adam and I are good friends with a couple who had a baby this past summer. She’s absolutely adorable! We think the world of her. (It also helps that they named her Emily! Not after me but still such a great name!) I didn’t see Emily for a week recently and when we were finally reunited I noticed a few things had changed. She’d gained weight! She’s a petite little baby so some weight gain is a good thing for her. And she’s so much more mobile! It won’t be long before she can crawl! I was amazed that in only one week she had changed so much. Then I thought back to just five months ago when she was a tiny infant. Again, so much has changed!

This morning I got up refreshed after an extra hour of sleep, made my yummy breakfast, opened the blinds to a sun already shining brightly, sat down on our comfy couch and let out a deep breath. With the sun beaming in our living room (well…living room, dining room and kitchen…we live in an apartment so it’s all in one) it looked different. Something had changed. Adam and I are coming up on two years of marriage. Throughout those two years our living area has changed as we’ve added decor that says something about our lives. There’s the big wreath on our mantle that Cristie Montgomery made for our wedding. And the wire “A” hanging inside that Ryan Strebeck made so I could have an “A” somewhere at our wedding. Next to the wreath is a globe with words like Love, Truth, Kindness, Peace and many other words I’m believing those countries will experience by the mercy of God. Hanging on the wall is a painted tree with people’s fingerprints which was our guest book. Sometimes I lose time just reading the names of everyone who attended our wedding. Right now there’s an ever-growing banner under our mantle with cut out leaves we’re writing on each day with what we’re thankful for.

Something changed and I didn’t even notice. I live in this room day in and day out. I get annoyed with these precious things getting dusty. They lose their wonder some days as they’ve become common place. But I’m thankful for days like today. When new light breaks into the room and opens my eyes again to the beauty that is around me. It’s a beauty that calls me out of myself and reminds me that I serve a King who makes all things new.

photo (16)

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