My sentimental moment…

I realized something today.

I’m moving to India. Like moving. Not visiting or going for an extended stay. Adam and I will be packing up our lives this summer and moving to India.

photo (19)

I knew the holidays would stir this up. I knew it wouldn’t be like all other holidays where you get so excited about seeing everyone, enjoy some yummy food, exchange gifts, then go home and get back to normal. When we get home, our normal will be packing and getting ready to leave. That’s not normal.

Now, just give me my sentimental moment. Dive into this with my for just a few minutes.

Family – What an incredible design of God to place us in families! Set aside the functionality of your family for a second – you have been placed into a group of people. You belong! We were made to be knit in, belonging to a group bigger than ourselves, to have a safe place of people who deeply know us and care for us.

venable fam


photo (17)

Seasons – Waco has finally proven that it has beautiful trees that actually change colors this fall. It’s been breathtaking to walk out the door and see yellows, reds, oranges, greens. It’s like the movies outside! And it’s drawn me to His feet and ask “Why?” about the seasonal changes. I think in it all He’s calling out, “I’m a promise keeper! No matter what it seems like, I will keep My promises to you!” Right now it’s changing to winter – death. It’s freezing outside today and soon all these beautiful leaves will fall off the trees. But then there will be a turn in the weather. It’ll warm up outside and all things dead will come back to life. He makes all things new.

photo (18)


Friends – There are 6 billion people in the world. The odds are in your favor (like what I did there?!) that at least one of them wants to be your friend! When I was little I was painfully shy. My mom was determined my shyness wouldn’t keep me from having friends. She taught me how to walk up to a girl in my ballet class and ask, “Hi. I’m Emily. Do you want to be my friend?” While my verbiage has changed since kindergarten (thankfully!), I think we all ask that question to people around us all the time.


Good friends aren’t too proud to dress up in their pjs on your wedding day!

photo (21)

Truly great friends to Adam and I! And their little nugget has won my heart…until our own little one comes (#notapregnancyannouncement).

Now, why am I sharing about our family, seasonal changes and our friends? This summer I’m saying goodbye to them. My family, and Adam’s, will stay in Texas. We will be going to sleep when they’re waking up. Our lives will look drastically different. I’m just going to have to forget about seasons. It’s always (I repeat always!) in the 80s in southern India. Sure, they have a “rainy” season beginning in June…but that just means my hair will be curlier. And our dear friends…we’ll all be scattered. My pj friends will be in multiple cities/states around the US. The Stokers (picture with the nugget) are moving to the other side of the world as well…still hours away.

The holidays are a time when everyone comes together. And for Adam and I, it’s the last “coming together” for awhile. So I’m being sentimental…because I can. Because it’s the last time I can before we say goodbye.

And just as I start to get sad and start wondering if it’s all going to be worth it…these images come to mind.

photo (20)

Two friends we already have in India. They’re our age. The woman is pregnant with their first child. They love Jesus. And they already like us and we like them! 🙂


These nuggets. Aren’t they beautiful?! They need a family. They want to belong. They need Jesus. I can’t wait to hold them!



And I can’t forget to include this handsome man. He is a rock of a leader for our family. He holds tight to Jesus and me when everything seems crazy and uncertain. He’s HILARIOUS…which is so needed when our life is changing so much. He’s tender to me, to Jesus and the people of the earth. Someday (not today), he’s going to make the world’s best daddy. I wouldn’t want to move to India with any other man.

I’m sure many more sentimental moments will come as our moving day draws closer. But today, I’m going to go be with Adam’s family…and drink it in as best I can. Happy Thanksgiving!


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