He Has to be King!

Last week Adam and I were asked this question:

In what role does God most frequently relate with you?

We smiled at each other and, without reservation, answered – King.

Maybe King sounds distant to you. I can see how it would feel that way. I’m really nothing in comparison to a King…especially the one who created the universe with a few, simple words from His mouth. He’s sovereign over all, perfect in every way and holds the universe in the palm of His hand. Time and space have no control over Him. And if we’re picturing the throne room correctly, I’m one of billions of people who will come to worship this King one day.

I can see how that description would put our King at arms length.

But suspend those thoughts for a few moments and think about it this way…

His sovereignty means that He’s perfectly in control of everything. If He’s in control of everything then nothing surprises Him. Hallelujah! Someone is not surprised when I didn’t buy enough groceries for the week and have to make multiple tripes to HEB or when I accidentally break my glasses and have to fork over money I don’t want to spend right now. Or bigger stuff. He’s not surprised when a loved one becomes ill or when genocide happens around the world. He’s not surprised that there are millions of girls in south India enslaved to temple prostitution. He’s also not surprised by the way Adam and I become righteously angry by that fact and have decided to give up all we know to see a change come for those sweet girls.

Instead of continuing to share with you about the circumstances that cause me to need Him, even long for Him, to be King, I thought I’d open it up to you. When you look around at your life, what makes you scream, “He has to be King!“? Is it your job situation? Are your finances so bleak you have to know there is someone who is in control of not only your bank account but also the entire world’s economy? Do you have a friend or family member who needs healing? Are you feeling alone in your singleness? Is it difficult for you to get pregnant?

If you feel so bold, would you tell us where you need Him to be King? You can leave it in the comment section below. I’d love to read and believe with you for Him to show Himself as King.

I’ll start!

There are millions of little girls who are currently dedicated to a goddess named Yellamma in southern India. By dedicated I mean they were in a sense “married” to this goodness and forced into a life of prostitution. They’re tainted and no longer eligible for marriage. This practice has been happening for hundreds of years and is deeply engrained into their pattern of life. Poverty and poor education has only been fuel for the fire. Adam and I want to see this change. We want to see an entire culture shift. But that will take a lot of time. A lot of hours on our knees praying. A lot of money. And a lot of our life.

He has to be King!

Girl 1

india girl

Girl 2

Girl 3

Girl 4

One Comment Add yours

  1. Cindy says:

    Love Emily enough to let her go.
    Love Ben enough to hang on.
    Love Adam enough to let him in.
    He has to be King.

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