How to make a house a home…with concrete walls

Disclaimer: I in no way claim to be an excellent interior decorator. My Pinterest boards are full of beautiful ideas that rarely get done. And even if I do attempt them, there’s always a good chance they’re going to end up looking much different than the picture. With that being said, I give you a simple trick I found recently.

Every wall in my house here is concrete. Every. Single. One. Do you know how hard it is to drill a hole in a concrete wall?! And that whole, “Just go for it! Poke a hole in the wall to hang a picture! You might not like it but you can always fill it back up or hide it.” simply does not apply in my situation. It would take a machine to get a hole in any of my walls. And then the landlord would get upset and deduct the cost of fixing the wall from our housing deposit (which was already massive to begin with). We didn’t bring anything heavy enough to warrant the risk, so I turned to other ideas.

Command hooks in all shapes and sizes were my HEROS while I hung the few pieces of wall art we brought with us. But soon I ran out of beauty to hang on our huge walls and was still left with one blank wall in our living room. I scoured Pinterest looking for a solution. That’s when I came across my new hero.

Washi tape.


It’s genius.

Most of you probably know it as that decorative tape you use when you’re scrapbooking or maybe when are wrapping a gift in a fun way. I feel like it’s become more popular in recent years…or maybe I’m just painfully behind. Either way, I started noticing people were putting it up on their walls. That’s when I got excited.

My only snag was that washi tape is not sold in India. But I have some dear friends who braved a rather big post office charge and filling out customs forms to mail us a box full of washi tape (along with many other fun treats)! We braved the Indian Postal System yesterday (another story for another time) and this afternoon I executed my idea.

I absolutely LOVE it!!!



IMG_6710What else do you think I should do with all the washi tape my friend sent me? I still have plenty!!!

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