Home Sweet Home

We haven’t shown you our home in Northland yet because we just settled into the most permanent home we’ll live in here. We had to order some furniture and buy necessary house items which simply takes time here. We’re happy, though, to finally to show our home! No other home in India has felt this peaceful or as much “ours” as this one has!

Without further adieu, welcome to Amberg Ka Ghur (Amberg’s House)!

Living Room

This is our living room. It’s the most used room in the house and, in my opinion, the prettiest. The windows bring in so much natural light (my favorite!) throughout the day that we rarely turn on a lightbulb until the until the sun goes down. The couch was a fun find because it can fold out to become a bed!


We feel like a word to describe this season is HOPE. To keep it ever before us, I used some washi tape to write the word on the wall above our table. It’s a priceless reminder for us!


The first space you see when you walk into our apartment is this one. It’s obviously multi-functional. Adam has a beautiful desk where he does most of his work. And yes, it’s right next to our refrigerator. The kitchen is mere steps away, so it’s really not that awkward when I’m cooking. Our kitchen is too small to house the fridge and there aren’t enough plugs in the kitchen to run the fridge. #yolo

Kitchen 1

This is our kitchen. If I’m not in the living room, I am probably cooking something in this room. It also gets beautiful sunlight that streams in through the window just above my small, gas, two-burner stove. My favorite appliance is sitting just to the left with the apple towel hanging on it. It’s our oven. We affectionally call him Glen (the brand name). Adam had to basically talk me into buying him and I’ve never been more thankful I listened to my husband! Glen can function as a heater, cookie baker, chicken/veggie griller, pizza warmer-upper. He’s pretty amazing.

Kitchen 2

This is real life, y’all. We have a sweet woman who comes twice a week to help clean the dishes, floors and bathroom. She came today and did a ton of dishes for me! I thought about putting them all away before I took the picture but decided that sometimes a real life picture is just as beautiful as a well put together one.


Here’s our bedroom. It’s a simple space, but one that holds some of the most valuable things we brought from America – the bedspread we’ve had our entire marriage, a painting of the poem Adam gave me on our wedding day, a tshirt blanket my mom made for me, to just name a few. No, the bed is not soft. No, it’s not actually a king size bed. It’s two twin sized beds pushed together. We call the size “Indian King Size”. It works.


And last and probably least is our bathroom. Let’s just say this room gets the job done.

Patio View

A special treat of our apartment is the balcony! It’s been wonderful in the winter when the only way to warm up is to sit in the sun. It also gives us an arial view of a good portion of our sweet neighborhood. Many times I come out to watch the sun set just behind that big tree.

Phir jaldi milte hai! (See you again soon!)

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  1. Linda Farell says:

    Beautiful apartment!

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