Our First Visitor

IMG_8106Meet Rachel.

She wins the award for first visitor to India.

She hopes to one day come work with us, so we spent the two weeks she was with us showing her the ropes and doing some sightseeing around north India.

There were many things on our list of things to do and we somehow managed to squeeze them all in while she was here!

See the Himalayas

The green mountains aren’t the Himalayas. The sunlight was a little too bright to capture the snowcapped mountains in the distance. It was a gorgeous view!

Be wrapped up in a sari

I had a friend in town who graciously came over one evening and wrapped us up in two of her saris. The amount of wrapping, folding and carefully pinning amazed us. The result was awesome!

Tour New Delhi

Taj Mahal (because who comes this close and doesn’t visit the Taj?!)

The Taj Mahal is a stunning historical monument well worth the travel and line standing to go see. But the people of India dressed in their finest saris and turbans – they are the ones who make India beautiful.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ahh, we want to come and visit!!!!

  2. Jenny Leigh says:

    Beautiful! So glad she could visit!

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