A Great Celebration of Light

There are benefits to living on a small island, an obvious one being that the coast is never far away. I notice this perk most often when I’m on my way to something mundane, let’s say a trip to the grocery store, and I’m caught off guard yet again by the magnificent ocean as I drive along a beautiful coastal road on my way to the store. The ocean is everywhere and I love it.

Tonight taught me the real reason why being surrounded by the coast is absolutely magnificent.

Tonight the ocean lit up with fireworks celebrating the turn of the year. For roughly 10 minutes we were completely surrounded by a beautiful light display that overwhelmed me to tears.

Some people, and in part myself included, were probably relieved to have a difficult year behind them. I think we can all agree that on multiple levels 2016 was a rough year around the world. Personally we faced yet another big transition and didn’t see the dream of having children come to pass. Some, like one of the friends over at my house tonight, celebrated victories. My friend celebrated yet another year of being sober from a drug addition and his marriage to an incredible woman. Adam and I celebrated a year where a country and its people fell into our laps and couldn’t have been a better fit. We celebrated the truth that, with our adoption, we are moving towards growing our family each day.

As the sky lit up and we were surrounded by a group of people who were mere strangers a year ago, it only felt right for there to be a HUGE celebration to the closing of a year and hopeful beginning of a new one.

Here’s to 2017, dear ones. May we fight the good fight, love each other richly, try new things with great bravery, painfully fail at more things than we can count and surround ourselves with a great celebration of light at the end of it all.

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