Asante Sana [Thank you very much!]


This past month Adam went on a business trip to Kenya. He had a free day where he visited Nairobi National Park, one of the most unique national parks in Africa because you can see the city sky line while also seeing African animals in their natural habitats.


When he got back to his hotel room and had Internet, we played a game. I named an animal and he would send me a picture of that animal, if he saw it. I’ll tell you now that there were no elephants out to play while he was there, but he saw pretty much every other African animal I could think of!

One strange thing he saw was a giraffe who seemed to be cleaning up the bones of a buffalo. All those years our elementary teachers told us giraffes are herbivores! Adam asked his driver if giraffes eat meat and his response was, “They do here.”


With a black market for ivory still at play in Africa, Kenya had to come up with a creative solution of what to do with the tusks of naturally deceased elephants and rhinos from their national parks. Every two years, all the tusks are sent to Nairobi National Park and burned so as to not encourage the illegal poaching of elephants and rhinos for their tusks. Below you’ll see Adam on a pile of burned tusks.

After a long day walking around the park and exploring, Adam made some new friends…IMG_5231.JPG

…and enjoyed one of his favorite drinks that can only be found in East Africa: a cold Stoney.



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